For Michelle Goebel Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness Instructor

Alex Funkhouser

After working with Michelle on meditation and mindfulness, I have noticed a reduction in stress in both my professional and personal life, as well as more clarity to address businesses challenges. Also, I noticed that my own productivity has increased. Michelle is an empathetic, insightful and effective coach. She is very business savvy as well. I highly recommend Michelle to professionals and corporate teams that want to reduce stress, enhance innovation and improve personal and organizational effectiveness. – Alex Funkhouser, CEO Sherlock Talent, Karate Black Belt

Jodi Glacer“Michelle delivered a great meditation program for Women In Technology International (WITI). She is an engaging, knowledgeable speaker who provided very helpful stress management tips and led us through a group meditation. She illustrated how meditation is a tool that can have a powerful impact in our professional and personal lives. We received very positive feedback from WITI members and attendees. I recommend Michelle as speaker or instructor for businesses and individuals interested in learning about the benefits of meditation.”    – Jodi Glacer, S Florida Regional Director, Women In Technology International

Mona Elshazly, RN“Michelle Goebel came to Sylvester Cancer Center, University of Miami, at Deerfield Beach and gave several meditation classes for our nurses and staff. She is an amazing speaker, presenter and meditation therapist. Over 30 staff members attended her presentations and they all loved her. Everyone is still raving about her wealth of knowledge on mindfulness and meditation and her skills as a meditation therapist. I personally felt calmer and rejuvenated after Michelle’s classes. I highly recommend her for presentations or workshops.” – Mona Elshazly, RN, BA, Author, Compassion Fatigue Guided Journal for Health Professionals

Arlene Hoffman

“Michelle Goebel is a highly trained instructor in Meditation. I enjoyed the group workshop and came out with a practical tool allowing me to mediate daily for 30 minutes, something I did not think I was able to do.  I am calmer, sleep better and have more clarity about the things that are important in my life. (more– Arlene Hoffman, Marketing Manager, Tyco International

jen reyna“I was skeptical about my ability to meditate deeply because I’m easily distracted. After working with Michelle, I’m calmer, more focused, on task and accomplish more throughout my day. Also, I’m sleeping better and have less headaches. Her meditation workshop was really effective. I’m a very logical person and her instruction was clear and actionable. She provided excellent support and helped me to make adjustments each week that enabled me to have a strong daily practice.” –Jennifer Reyna, IT Manager, Tyco Integrated Security

Risa Harwood“After taking the group meditation program with Michelle Goebel, employees have reported reduced stress at work and at home, better focus at work and increases in productivity. Michelle is a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring instructor who provides excellent guidance and support to Tyco employees. She goes beyond expectations and has provided a high level of service and his very accessible to our employees. The results have been so positive, that we have continued to expand the meditation program that she teaches. Other companies could benefit from her programs.” – Risa Harwood, PHR, Human Resources, Tyco International

Petal Harvill “Michelle’s a very warm and personable coach. Her classes were insightful and powerful in content. She does an amazing job following up on students’ progress and encourages continued communication. I would highly recommend Michelle as a Wellness & Meditation coach.”  – Petal Harvill, CEO Petals of Boca      

“I was referred to Michelle for health issues including poor sleep, digestive problems and inflammation. She was patient, kind and thorough… She spent 3 hours on my initial visit. I followed the program that she customized for me. She was great with follow up questions and guidance. After a few weeks, I started to feel better. In 2-3 months, problems that I had for years, cleared up. My stomach problems are gone and I’m not tired all the time. Thank you!” – Cristina Tesei Lightbourne, Executive Assistant

Joan Sparks Recommendation For Chopra Meditation Instructor Michelle Goebel“I had known Michelle for many years as a no nonsense, hard-working, intelligent, corporate marketer. I took her meditation workshop series. I found the workshop made great sense to me, and I continue to meditate daily. Overall, I am more relaxed, positive and gracious with others, while still managing a busy work and home life. I highly recommend becoming Michelle’s student.” – Joan Sparks, Director of Marketing, Office Depot

Michelle Silverman 2“Before I met Michelle, I was going through some very challenging personal experiences that made me feel very depressed, worrying and fearful. I can honestly say, I hit rock bottom. It was a very scary feeling for awhile. I didn’t recognize myself, I had very low energy, and it was difficult for me to get up and go to work everyday. Once I arrived, I didn’t want to be there. A year ago, all of this changed after Michelle worked with me on my deep meditation practice, I began to feel immediate changes – I felt refreshed, full of energy, and my mind was clear!! I began walking into work with a smile, happy and full of life!! I’ve been practicing every day and I love it!!! I continue to feel more and more wonderful changes as time goes by! I tried practicing meditation in the past, but didn’t see significant results. Michelle’s approach, experience and support has been very effective. I appreciate so much what she has done for me! I strongly encourage anyone who wants to experience major changes in their life to work with her! Thanks to Michelle, I’m on the right path now, and a journey of a lifetime! I hope that everyone out there who is feeling depressed or overwhelmed, would consider reaching out to Michelle to learn some amazing, transformational life practices. Good luck!” – Michelle Silverman, Teacher

haL SCHUR“Both my husband and I would highly recommend Michelle. We worked with her privately and she helped us reach our goals of learning meditation and incorporating it into our daily lives. Her patience, knowledge and personal experiences helped us reach our goals. It is always important when you learn something that the teacher is passionate about what they do and can transfer this enthusiasm to the student. Her non judgmental attitude and real life experiences helped us on our journey. (more) – Kim & Hal Schur, Sound Engineer CBS Television


Her daughter’s life transformed after taking Michelle’s meditation workshop. After experiencing many years of deep psychological stress, she is now calm, positive, happy and feeling more in control of her life. – Susan C.  during Connie Gyura Fit & Fight Radio Broadcast featuring Guest Speaker Michelle Goebel


“If your business is looking to bring more work/life balance and empowerment for employees, consider Michelle Goebel as a gifted presenter to share an engaging and practical session on meditation. (more) – Arlene Hoffman, Marketing Manager, Tyco International

Roger recommendation for Michelle Goebel Chopra Meditation“While my wife has been meditating for more than 40 years, I am new to the practice, and most fortunate to have Michelle Goebel as my teacher. Michelle is a true people person who conducts her classes as she conducts her life – with dedication, irrepressible spirit (more Roger Sakolove, Sr. Copywriter


“When the student is ready… And so it was for me. I’m grateful to Michelle Goebel for bringing the gift of a daily practice into my life. I’ve been described as someone with a ‘tortured sleep pattern’ for most of my life and I’ve slept all through the night like a baby, since working with Michelle on my meditation practice. For years, I’ve been practicing yoga and I’d practiced meditation in the past, but not with this level of commitment and joy. She’s not doing the drive-thru…her students’ success is apparent in the very format of her workshop…Michelle’s beautiful teaching comes from such a heartfelt desire to improve the lives of everyone it graces. (more Lisa Lederer, Designer

Dori Sonnnberg“Since taking Michelle’s Create A Shift meditation workshop, I’m much calmer and my mind is clearer. I feel less stress when juggling my demanding roles as a parent, medical professional and student…Other people who notice that I’m calmer and more positive ask me, ‘What are doing differently?’ Michelle is a very good coach and has really helped me to fine tune my practice…The personal instruction, multi week format were great and I highly recommend working with her.” – Dori Sonnenberg, RN, University of Miami, Sylvester Cancer Center

SONY DSCI recently attended Michelle Goebel’s Create A Shift Meditation Workshop and have easily been able to incorporate what I learned into my lifestyle. The course is well-designed and Michelle is a patient and supportive instructor. The multi session format out over several weeks with additional follow up sessions worked well. (more)
   Susan Field, Technical Writer, Tyco International


Karen Brown“Michelle’s a delight and a gifted healer. I had a Wellness Assessment with her and she helped me to eliminate digestive problems that I had for awhile. They have gone away and I have so much energy! Then a few months later, when I had a very bad fall, I contacted her about ‘energy work’. I injured the knee that I had surgery on and had extreme pain and swelling. She did Reconnective Healing for me and it was like I never fell, no swelling, no pain, nothing. I couldn’t believe it! When my oldest cat Misty was sluggish and not playing or eating much, I contacted her again. She did the energy work for Misty who began to play like a kitten again and gained her appetite back. I’m so grateful. I also worked with Michelle on my meditation practice. I learned to meditate about 20 years ago, but wanted revitalize my practice. She helped me to make adjustments so that I can go deeper with my meditation. – Karen Brown, Real Estate Manager

Lisa Lothian Recommendation For Michelle Goebel Chopra Meditation Instructor“I’m so grateful…Michelle is a great instructor – her lessons are interesting and clear, and she is a joy to spend time with. I believe she has put her own touch on this amazing method that makes it possible for anyone to achieve the benefits of meditation as a life time practice. (more) – Lisa Lothian, Natural Body Balance

Anne Geiger Recommendation of Michelle Goebel Chopra Meditation Teacher

“I’d like to thank you Michelle… I benefited a great deal from her workshop. After the lessons Michelle taught me… I noticed changes in my everyday life, how I handled situations that arise for all of us that can be very irritating… Things that annoyed me suddenly didn’t seem so important. I was also able to let go of frustrations from the past. I…always figured I didn’t have the time and didn’t really need meditation. I became interested to alleviate stress, enjoy life more and also lower my blood pressure.  (more– Anne Gieger, Independent Realtor, Austin, TX