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Read about Michelle Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness…

Sun Sentinel Article: Read how Michelle helps reduce stress and improve their personal and professional lives with Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness programs…

Michelle Goebel Meditation Teacher

Stress and Women Boca Raton Observer Article: Deep meditation is life-changing – personally and professionally. It can help you to reduce stress, to gain more intuition, improve sleep, boost energy, and increase innovation. The benefits are from a deeply connected, daily practice and it’s not a ‘crash course,’ despite the writer’s title choice!

Meditation with Michelle Goebel Meditation Instructor Boca Raton Observer April 2016
Stress and Meditation: Michelle Goebel Boca Raton Observer Article.

Sun Sentinel Article: Meditation can help kids, teens and college students can reduce stress, learn to boost their brain power, have more focused attention, improve test scores and behavior with meditation and mindfulness. Read how she worked with middle school students…

Meditation For Innovation STEM Michelle Goebel Teaches Meditation to Girls
Boost Kids Brain Power with Meditation