Create a Shift™ Learn Deep Meditation Workshop Live Online – Day 1

March 23, 2019 @ 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
LIVE Online 5 Sessions

Create A Shift™ Live Online Deep Meditation Workshophappy man computer table

This meditation workshop is great for beginners and also experienced meditators who’d like to deepen their practice. The meditation workshop empowers you to learn what you need to know to enjoy a consistent, lifelong meditation and mindfulness practice.  You will learn to meditate using an easy, comfortable program based on powerful, timeless teachings. Taught over an 8-week period, Michelle also provides tools, skype meditation womansupport materials, and information from 24+ years of meditation and mindfulness experience to help you easily create a consistent practice. After participating, you’ll have a strong foundation so that you can enjoy meditating, anywhere, anytime on your own. 5 Session Program multiple weeks.

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Day 1 : In the Create A Shift Meditation Workshop we’ll cover the basic principles and benefits of meditation and mindfulness during the workshop. You’ll also receive your personal mantra and then experience your first meditation using these tools!  (more)

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