Deep Meditation Workshop Live Online

Create A Shift™ Meditation Workshop Live Online

Anxious businesswoman Feeling Overwhelmed? Would You Like to Reduce Stress and Experience More Clarity? Increase Intuition? Improve Sleep? Boost Energy & Brain Power? 

Are you New to Meditation?  Do you already practice guided meditation, mindfulness meditation or another type? Have you tried to meditate and are still struggling? 

Would you like to Create Powerful Personal & Professional Shifts in your life?  Or gain more results by deepening your practice?

Learn How in the Comfort of Your Own Office or Home!  happy man computer table
You Can Change Your Brain in 8 Weeks through this deep meditation workshop!  This science based, non denominational workshop helps you to easily learn how to reduce stress, find more clarity, boost brain power and create positive shifts in your life. This highly personalized Live meditation workshop online is great for beginners and also experienced meditators who’d like to deepen their practice.

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It is offered Privately or in smaller Personalized Groups. Learn how to Harness You Power through Meditation & Mindfulness practices. Discover what you’d need to know to enjoy a powerful, consistent, daily meditation practice that becomes an integral part of your lifestyle.


Private or Group Instruction Live Online

NEXT GROUP ONLINE PROGRAM BEGINS March 23 (Private Programs Available Now)    

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  • Easy & Powerful  – Meditate using comfortable practices. This meditation workshop is based on timeless, powerful, teachings that have also been validated by modern science.
  • Highly Personalized – This is very different than a webinar or online meeting. It is personalized with live video taught in small groups. It’s a ideal format to interact,  learn, ask questions and see results.
  • Support – Taught over an 8 week period, in this interactive experiential workshop, Michelle, also provides you with additional tools, support materials, and information from 24 years of meditation and mindfulness experience to help you easily have a DEEP, consistent, daily practice. Surround yourself with a group of like minded individuals or study privately. After participating, you’ll have a strong foundation so that you can easily enjoy meditating, anywhere, anytime on your own without an mp3, CD or an instructorSee what participants have said…
  • Deep, Daily, Consistent Practice – The program is intentionally taught over 8 weeks instead of a “crash course” over a weekend or in one day. Why would that be important to you? So that you can easily have a consistent, effective daily practiceTo be effective:
    • The format helps you to go through Your Own Experiences, Your Own Journey, allows time for integration, questions, and refinement so that it will work with Your Unique Lifestyle.
    • The questions that you’ll have after practicing in a day or a weekend are very different than over 8 weeks. Most people who try to learn in a day or a weekend are unable to practice it effectively. To change your brain and gain the full tangible benefits of meditation – mental clarity, energy, wellness and “enlightenment,” it’s not an overnight process. It’s more convenient for a teacher offer in a day or a weekend but for you to receive maximum benefits, it works best for you taught over time, so that YOU will be able to practice successfully anytime On Your Own in your home or workplace. See what participants have said…
  • Flexibility to Fit Your Lifestyle – The program is taught as Group Workshop in-person or Private Workshop in-person or online. The program includes in-person training plus follow-up coaching.
  • Experienced Instructor – Michelle is a Certified, 24 year Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness Veteran who focuses on teaching meditation, conscious choice making  and self care tools. She simplifies the process to make it easily work for YOU. Michelle has extensive experience in Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness Practices, Transcendental Meditation, guided imagery and Mindset Mastery. Michelle’s meditation certifications include mindfulness, guided imagery, mantra meditation, and more. She has studied directly with Deepak Chopra, MD, Endocrinologist and David Simon, MD, Neurologist in California at the Chopra Center and other masters over the past 20+ years.


  • Session 1  – We’ll cover the basic principals and benefits of meditation and mindfulness. You’ll also receive your personal mantra (a mind calming tool) and then experience your first meditation using this method. You will also receive a workbook and additional materials that Michelle created from her 23+ year meditation practice.
  • Session 2 – Prerequisite: Day 1. We’ll discuss perfecting your practice to obtain the optimal results and how to incorporate it into your specific lifestyle – where to meditate, timing, posture, your work-life situation, handling interruptions, meditating at home, what to do when traveling and more. There is a group meditation followed by interactive teachings about mindful awareness and shifts in your mind, your thoughts and conscious awareness.
  • Group Coaching (Sessions 3 – 4) – Prerequisite: Sessions 1 & 2. Two follow up sessions are designed to further refine your practice, so that you can enjoy the long term benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Investment for Personalized Online Group Workshop $397 – Includes training, Create a Shift workbook, workshop materials follow up group coaching sessions. If you’d like to request a personal mantra as part of the program, you may request one at no charge. * View Terms & Refund Policy

Next Global Group Meditation Workshop on Online Starts September 24. Personalized  Meditation Instruction United States, Worldwide, Skype and Online.

Private, on-site, online or Skype Meditation Workshops and Coaching also available.

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