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Create a Shift™ Learn Deep Meditation Workshop Live Online – Day 1 @ LIVE Online 5 Sessions
Feb 17 @ 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Create A Shift™ Live Online Deep Meditation Workshophappy man computer table

This meditation workshop is great for beginners and also experienced meditators who’d like to deepen their practice. The meditation workshop empowers you to learn what you need to know to enjoy a consistent, lifelong meditation and mindfulness practice.  You will learn to meditate using an easy, comfortable program based on powerful, timeless teachings. Taught over an 8-week period, Michelle also provides tools, skype meditation womansupport materials, and information from 24+ years of meditation and mindfulness experience to help you easily create a consistent practice. After participating, you’ll have a strong foundation so that you can enjoy meditating, anywhere, anytime on your own. 5 Session Program multiple weeks.

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Day 1 – In the Create A Shift Meditation Workshop we’ll cover the basic principles and benefits of meditation and mindfulness during the workshop. You’ll also receive your personal mantra and then experience your first meditation using these tools!  (more)

Personalized, Private and Group Online and In-Person Meditation & Mindfulness Classes throughout the United States, United Kingdom and the World.

Learn Deep Meditation Create a Shift™ Workshop Boca Raton @ Boca Raton, Florida
Feb 18 @ 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

woman-meditating-at-sunrise1Learn Deep Meditation Workshop / Boca Raton

Feeling Stressed? Too much to do and not enough time? Trouble quieting your mind? Would you like to improve the quality of your life – at work and at home? Want to feel happier? And enhance your intuition and healing power?

Thinking 2018 will be Your year, a New Beginning…

It Can Be!

Meditate Daily. Comfortably. More Deeply. Simplified. Less Effort. More Powerfully. Shift Your Life. Shift Your Consciousness.

Man meditating on bedIn this Step-by-Step, deep meditation workshop, YOU’LL learn to unlock your inner wisdom, healing power, boost performance and enjoy life more. Learn to Activate Your Inner Pharmacy, Inner Wisdom and Inner Genius.


Beginner or Experienced meditator? You can learn to have an effective, daily meditation practice or deepen your current practice.

Throughout the meditation workshop learn to:

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Inner Calm, Improve Sleep, Boost Your Immune System, Feel More Gratitude, Boost Your Brainpower and Energy Levels. 
  • Use Step-by-Step, daily practices, to create a deep, consistent, effective, meditation habit.
  • Get comfortable meditating deeply, easily on your own without an instructor or props.
  • Connect to YOUR INNER WISDOM. No equipment. No internet or MP3 required.
  • Enjoy YOUR own journey with a deep personalized, practice that works for YOU!
  • Gain a strong foundation. Enjoy deeper meditation. Anywhere, anytime on your own.
  • Benefit from Interactive, Personalized Support, Coaching and tools from Michelle’s her 25+ years of meditation and mindfulness experience adjusted to work for YOUR personal lifestyle**See what people are saying… 


Taught over 4 sessions in 8 weeks. Each week, YOUR experiences and YOUR questions, will change. As a result, so will adjustments to YOUR meditation practice. Week 1 will be very different than week 8. It’s more convenient for me to cram it in during 1 weekend or a day but shifts don’t happen overnight. They take time and adjustments.

Session 1Discover. Learn. Practice. Discover how to meditate and access YOUR OWN INNER WISDOM or go deeper within your meditation practice. Learn powerful meditation and mindfulness tools. Receive your personal mantra – a tool for deepening your practice. Practice the meditation within the group. Receive a Meditation workbook. Also, learn how to practice on your own at home or work.

Sessions 2, 3 & 4  – Prerequisite: Day 1. Adjust. Enhance. Practice. Refine. Experience. Shift. There are adjustments to your home practice, a group meditation and also new experiences during each session. PERSONALIZED enhancements are made to help you to gain the most from your home meditation practice based on YOUR LIFESTYLE and where you are in YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY. Discover what to do in YOUR real-life at home, work and other situations to be consistent with YOUR PRACTICE and to receive ongoing benefits. Learn what to refine in YOUR  daily practice so it works for YOU. Experience YOUR life in a calmer, happier, healthier and heart centered way…As a result, you’ll notice shifts in stress levels, consciousness and different levels of awareness as they occur.

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